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Are you a foreigner in the Czech Republic? Would you like to speak Czech? If your answer to these questions is YES, sign up for our language course of Czech language for foreigners. Our language school TOPLINGVA in Ostrava offers Czech language courses to help you discover the beauty and culture of the Czech Republic.

What will you need for the Czech language course for foreigners?

Basically, just a desire to learn the Czech language. We will také care of everything else. We will provide you with all the materials you need for the Czech language course at a discounted price.

Who will be your Czech language teacher?

The lessons are led by Czech native speakers who are perfect speakers of your native language as well. We are committed to making you feel as comfortable as possible in our language school.

Options of foreign language lessons

Our language school offers several options. These include online or face-to-face courses. Both in person or online, there are group language courses for foreigners as well as individual Czech language courses. It is up to you which form of course you choose. We will always meet your needs and wishes.

How to sign up for a Czech language course

Since we want to save you time, simply fill out the form for a FREE demo lesson of Czech for foreigners.

Do you have any questions about our language school?

If you have any questions, contact our language course coordinator via phone +(420) 774 118 911 or e-mail We are looking forward to answering your questions!

Book your place and start learning the Czech language with the help of an experienced teacher.

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