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Our language courses

Looking to learn a new foreign language or improve your current language skills? Look no further than our language school in the centre of Ostrava!

Our language school offers a variety of language courses for everybody, from beginners to advanced speakers. We take pride in our personalized approach, ensuring that each student receives the individual attention they need to achieve their language goals.

Czech language courses

For foreigners interested in learning the Czech language, we offer Czech language courses designed to help you quickly and effectively learn the language. Our experienced teachers will guide you through the complexities of the Czech language, helping you master grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. You can also learn something about our culture!

All language courses

We also offer courses in English, Russian or Chinese with native speakers, providing you with the opportunity to learn from experienced teachers who have a deep understanding of their own languages and cultures. You can also learn Korean, Japanese, Spanish or French with Czech teachers.

Group courses

If you prefer a more social approach to language learning, we also offer group lessons, providing you with the opportunity to learn and practice your language skills with others in a fun and supportive environment.

Contact us!

So why wait? Sign up for our language courses today and start your journey towards becoming a confident, fluent speaker! All of our courses are also available in an on-line mode! You can arrange a free DEMO lesson, gain first-hand experience and decide whether you want to start attending a language course. Feel free to contact our language course coordinator and discuss possible options. Call us on +420 774 118 911 or e-mail us on


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